Something cool for 16"Tonner and for Cissy too!

Hi folks,
I have something new for you:
biker jacket with metal zippers, a sharp skinny pant plus a stylish top with a big ruffle on the front from grey, snake print genuine silk chiffon.
It was such a fun to make this outfit for two sizes of dolls! Both wear it really great, love how the pants hug the curves and the top adds a femine touch, the biker style jacket completes the look.

I'll be adding more pics and infos here tonight,
so stay tuned!


The top is adds a feminine touch, it's made from genuine silk chiffon. The fabric looks wonderful in shades of gray with a snake skin print. The top features a a ruffle in the fron and an attached panty, which ensures a perfectly tucked in fit once you add pants/skirt.


Autumn collection for 16inch gals

  It's all about AUTUMN

I finally took pic!!MANY Pics.
For enlarged views, just click the pics!

So tonight I'm showing you my new designs - for sale - for Tyler/Antoinette and tomorrow the new things I came up with for Cissy.

I worked with a fabulous brown faux suede, the most wonderful faux suede I ever worked with!!
It looks like the real thing, is a thin and stretchy quality...PERFECT for skinny pants!! I absolutely LOVE this stuff, unfortunately I was only able to get the very last yard of this fabric...more than enough to make several pants but I can't reorder it again, ack.

The second fabric I used, on two designs, is a blue chiffon with brown/white/orange paisley print.

The colors of the chiffon print are great, they make the fabric so versatile.
They allow you to mix it with blue shades (think of denim), brown (those brown suede pants), orange, white, pale yellow...

Fabric number three is a knitted fabric
Soft chenille wool, looks awesome and feels soo soft.  I serged all seams and sewed them with tiny tiny hand stitches flat and down.

 I made a hooded cardigan from it, looks great worn open or closed with the braided belt.

Fabric number four used in this little collection was a terracotta fabric(kinda subtle shade of orange), not sure what the fiber texture is. 

It's been a while since I bought this one and I can't remember but it was in a box with my silks - at least it feels and looks like those soft, washed silks. But I did the burn test, it isn't silk - maybe a silk-mircofibre mixture?
I used it on the safari dress, the neckband on the both chiffon tops, made the terracotta top and the braided belt  from it.

So here we go with LOTS of pics,

chiffon top 1, worn without belt
chiffon top 1, closeup of neckband, earring
chiffon top 1, worn without belt

chiffon top 1, worn with belt, backside view

chiffon top 1

braided belt, belongs to the hooded cardigan

terracotta top on Antoinette

terracotta top with distressed denim mini skirt

terracotta top and distressed denim mini skirt worn by Antoinette

detailed view on working pockets of the skirt AND the waistband of the top (with elastics, will slide up if it isn't pulled down onto the skirts/pants waistband)
terracotta top worn with the brown suede pants

brown suede pants

detail of brown suede pants

warm and cozy cardigan to complete the look

cardigan with belt

the hood of the cardigan is large enough to fit, even with a ponytail hairdo

chiffon top 2 worn by Antoinette, looks okay from the front buch it is too wide, see next pic

the chiffon top 2, with the keyhole neckline, is to wide for small busted Antoinette
The Safari Dress!


brown, faux suede pants with working pockets $35- 1 left
chiffon top 1(if you want a braided belt just let me know)  $45-1 left
chiffon top 2 (keyhole neckline)   sold
terracotta top Tyler $20
terracotta top Antoinette $20
denim mini skirt, distressed with 4 working pocket, belt loops $42
denim mini skirt - dark blue denim (the exactly the same style as the distressed skirt, but dark blue, UNdisstressed denim fabric) $38
cardigan with braided belt$45
safari dress sold
earrings , silver plated with little wooden beads in light and medium brown $6


worldwide airmail shipping, NOT registered $4.50 flat (flat)
worldwide airmail shipping, REGISTERED (trackable) $7.20 flat


It's getting cold outside...the girls need some autumn stuff

Hi folks,
I have some preview pics of some new Cissy and 16inch outfits.
Taking pictures is still a challenge, as I haven't found a place for my photoshooting table yet, but at least more of my dolls are out of the moving boxes and I'm back on the sewing machine...

In September I've got nothing new finished cause we went on vacation, which was just WONDERFUL. We spent two weeks on the isle of Usedom/located in the Baltic Sea. The rest of September was quit and full of memories and grief over the sudden loss of my dad last September.

However October seems to become a quite productive month. A few new Tyler things/some already finished, some in the works, a new blouse for the CED gals and some Cissy items....wow, you get quite a lot done when hubby is at a business trip and you stay up all night(s):-)

I really enjoyed creating something up-to-date for Cissy.
Pssst..And a note for the 16inch collectors: I want to make a version of this outfit in 16inch size, maybe with some additional black leather pants.
Slim fit silver pants, biker style jacket(with metal zippers) and snake print silk top with a  big ruffle on the front. Oh, almost forgot the pencil skirt which turnes the outfit from night-out style into business meeting look. Totally loved the fabrics withe the lurex threads in it, looks amazing in person.

 Cowgirl/western style: blue checked blouse with tiny white piping(gosh, this blouse was quite fingertwisting to make,LOL) plus some cool dark blue jeans.

More pics soon,
stay tuned..