I've been working on lots of new fashions, ...

..but most of them were commsioned..therefore no pics here.
But soon I will show you some new items from my new Safari collection for the JS gals&guys (some items may also fit the Sybarites).

It's been a wonderful summer over here in Germany, we enjoyed spending lots of time with the kids outdoors, but I've also been working on many sewing projects too, several new dolls moved in, another JS is still on the way, also tons of new lovely fabrics, mostly silks,.....!
Here a few new pics:

 Plus I've been working on some sailor inspired fashions ('Kiss the Sailor') for the JS guys.
Here are some preview pics, which I took while I was still working on the items. unfinished items

Final pics have been taken, need to get tru the folders and pick the best pics out now...



May I introduce: Jamieshow Alejandro, and his new clothes

Belated Happy New Year!!
Hope everybody had wonderful holidays with family& friends and lots of time to rest and recover from a busy year.
Here it was way tooo busy and hectic and we had some 'germs' that enjoyed our company,yuck!LOL, the holiday mood just came up once it was over.
So there was hardly any time for sewing and nothing new to show off.
But now that the kids and me are over our illnesses, and the holiday behind - I'm busily creating new doll outfits.

Some weeks ago My JamieShow Alejandro arrived, and I'm totally in love with him!!!
It's amazing how  beautifully he is sculpted and he poses like a dream.
Beautiful men need cool clothes too, that why I'm working on men stuff right now. 
So far I've finished dark blue jeans (slim but not skinny), several long sleeve shirts (also figure-hugging, Alejandro doesn't have to hide his fab body in baggy cut clothes;-), a trendy coat (saw the pic in a magazine and had to re-create that look) and UNDERWEAR!!

Yup, underwear!
With Valentine's Day just around the corner I was totally in the mood for underwear,LOL! 
Sure will do a few more colors, maybe some black and white mesh with satin, and more styles as this is such a fun. Maybe I will do some for the girls too. But then rather corset&lace&sexy than jersey.

..I already made two more styles of underpants and different colorways playing around with those two blue jersey fabrics, but I'm slow taking pictures....
So here are the few first pics of Alejandros underthings;-)
Enjoy the eycandy!

All the best,


Sewing patterns for sale

The Casual Dress, $10

unlined, made from stretchy fabric (fine knit or jersey)

The Cocktail Dress,  $10
fully lined dress with corset like bodice, wide, rounded shoulder straps and reversed tulip shaped skirt


As a bonus a kinda step-by-step picture instruction, of the tricky steps, comes as pdf.file with this pattern, however it's not a complete sewing instruction. The patterns requires at least basic sewing skills, would not suggest as your very first sewing project.

Pattern will be sent out, as soon as payment arrived, BUT please note: I'm located in Germany, there may be a delay in sending out the files due to the different time zone.

Please make sure that you let me know, along with your Paypal payment, a working e-mail addy that accepts attachments.

Thank you!

Happy sewing,
Jule in snowy Germany 

I'm still working on digitizing/editing pictures for these both patterns, almost finished and supposed to be released later this week:
The Sheath Dress, $10

fully lined dress with a classic armscye princess seam silhouette but an unusual dart detail in the front panel
The Little, Boxy Jacket, $10  ($6 when bought together with a dress pattern)
slightly asymmetric cut on the front, with underarm gores that allow some interesting contrasts


preview pics

here are the first pics of my dresses from my sewing patterns that will become available on Sunday, Dec 9th!

The Casual Dress, 
unlined, made from stretchy fabric (fine knit or jersey)

VERSION 1: made from a very fine, slinky modal jersey -version with long bell sleeves and cuffs, neckline gathered fabric at the sides
The Casual Dress, VERSION 2 - in dark blue fine knit fabric with satin insets around neckline, long, straight sleeves, folded neckline

The Little Boxy Jacket - made from a berry colored wool boucle
slightly asymetric cut on the front, with underarm gores that allow some intersting contrasts

VERSION 3 of THE Casual Dress:
beige fine knit, elbow length sleeves with cuffs, contrasting faux suede insterts, v-neckline

pics to follow

Cocktail Dress
fully lined dress with corset like bodice, wide, rounded shoulder straps and reversed tulip shaped skirt

 -the 'reverse' tulip skirt has 4 big pleats on the front that create the tulip shape
-the bodice has an unusual cut, that just calls for piping along the seams or lace inserts
-the wide shoulder straps are rounded to cover the shoulder-arm connection for a nice, aesthetic look

The Little BOXY Jacket, same jacket as above shown in a berry color, slightly asymetrical. If you use a big button to close it, it looks in the worn-open version like a brooch. The side gores, along the side seam and on the

VERSION 2 : grey wollen suiting, black lace insert in bodice front panel and a smaller, but longer skirt ( without pleats but with two darts) ..pics to follow

Sheath Dress
fully lined dress with a classic armscye princess seam silhouette but an unusual dart detail in the front panel
This dress looks like a perfect little business  dress. Classy with a twist.

The darts were moved to the middle and create an unsual arriv/chevron pattern.

 Again The Little BOXY Jacket was used.
I run out of time to make one in greyish tweed. But the berry color adds some color on a dull day.

VERSION 2 : blue dress with a v-neck and short sleeves.. pics to follow

Hope you enjoyed the first preview pics, MORE PICS TOMORROW!!
Looking forward hearing some comments,


pics are taken>>

tonight I'll look tru those tons of pics and edit them for your viewing pleasure;-)!
So by tomorrow the sewing pattern along with my prototype pictures will be up on this blog!
Stay tuned!!