May I introduce: Jamieshow Alejandro, and his new clothes

Belated Happy New Year!!
Hope everybody had wonderful holidays with family& friends and lots of time to rest and recover from a busy year.
Here it was way tooo busy and hectic and we had some 'germs' that enjoyed our company,yuck!LOL, the holiday mood just came up once it was over.
So there was hardly any time for sewing and nothing new to show off.
But now that the kids and me are over our illnesses, and the holiday behind - I'm busily creating new doll outfits.

Some weeks ago My JamieShow Alejandro arrived, and I'm totally in love with him!!!
It's amazing how  beautifully he is sculpted and he poses like a dream.
Beautiful men need cool clothes too, that why I'm working on men stuff right now. 
So far I've finished dark blue jeans (slim but not skinny), several long sleeve shirts (also figure-hugging, Alejandro doesn't have to hide his fab body in baggy cut clothes;-), a trendy coat (saw the pic in a magazine and had to re-create that look) and UNDERWEAR!!

Yup, underwear!
With Valentine's Day just around the corner I was totally in the mood for underwear,LOL! 
Sure will do a few more colors, maybe some black and white mesh with satin, and more styles as this is such a fun. Maybe I will do some for the girls too. But then rather corset&lace&sexy than jersey.

..I already made two more styles of underpants and different colorways playing around with those two blue jersey fabrics, but I'm slow taking pictures....
So here are the few first pics of Alejandros underthings;-)
Enjoy the eycandy!

All the best,

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