I've been working on lots of new fashions, ...

..but most of them were commsioned..therefore no pics here.
But soon I will show you some new items from my new Safari collection for the JS gals&guys (some items may also fit the Sybarites).

It's been a wonderful summer over here in Germany, we enjoyed spending lots of time with the kids outdoors, but I've also been working on many sewing projects too, several new dolls moved in, another JS is still on the way, also tons of new lovely fabrics, mostly silks,.....!
Here a few new pics:

 Plus I've been working on some sailor inspired fashions ('Kiss the Sailor') for the JS guys.
Here are some preview pics, which I took while I was still working on the items. unfinished items

Final pics have been taken, need to get tru the folders and pick the best pics out now...


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