Available Now: nautical inspired outfits for CED

I'm still not done with my Cissy shoe collection to go with my new Cissy fashions, so while waiting for my mold making materials I played with my CEDs and designed them a few new fashions.
I was in a nautical mood, so the 3 tops and 3 bottoms are all a bit nautical inspired.

warning: the quality of the pics is not the best - I still haven't set up a place for photo taking, usually the boys are around just when the light is fine..neither the other way around.LOL
So please bear with me, the pics are either too dark, too light and the backgrounds are not even..makes me really cringe. Next thing isI'm still fighting with blogspot how to make the pics clickable for enlarged views..not sure yet who won

I made 2 shorts in a sailor style, love how cute they turned out with the contrasting topstitching and the tiny buttons. Those pants actually open in the front - with snaps, as those tiny buttons are just for the look of it;-)! 
Sailor styled shorts are $45ea.
The back looks all nice and even - like the 'real thing'. 

The third pant is a jeans from dark blue denim in an actual silhouette, high waisted, wide at the hips and getting smaller the more you go down the legs. The front pockets are actually working.

The 3 top are all made from the same pattern, but since the fabrics drape differently the waterfall neckline looks different on all. Just like the pants they are without back closures. You put them on with the dolls feet first in and then gently pull them over the butt upwards. The neckband closes with a snap.
Dark blue with white dots and grayish/blue available, tops are $15 ea.

Next are the handbags, all are fully lined.

The handbag above with the denim handles and the zipper is $35. It consists of 11 pattern pieces plus lining that was quite challenging.

the pic below is heavily photoshoped to remove the uneven background...but on this pic you can see best how the two big pleats form a chevron pattern out of that striped fabric. $25
Colins golden chain necklace is $10.

In a few days we leave for our annual seaside vacation, now then it gets really nautical for me. And I can suck up even more nautical ideas.

Please e-mail me at jule@collectiblechic.com if interested.

Hope you enjoyed the new fashions!

International shipping is around $4 for regular airmail, around $6 for registered airmail.
AVABILITY: The dark blue denim shorts and the red/white striped top are gone.


2 new outfits for the CED doll>>

I took some pics today, of two (three..but one is already gone,thanks!) new CED outfits.

Wah, the pictures turned out way too dark and blurry, my picture taking equipment is still stored away.

I will cut the pics and make them a bit lighter this evening!


a nautical outfit for CED and Cissy shoe update

This last week was a bit frustrating.
I wasn't able to spent much time sewing, real life took over a bit, wah.

And then when I finally wanted to take pics of my Cissy outfits and put on those new Cissy shoes that took me soo much time, but they do not fit correctly, waaaah!
The plateaus of those shoes needs to be higher, Cissy falls over with those new shoes on. Instead of 3 pair of shoes for 3 new outfits I have 1 pair (the striped wedges) that I can use, so picture taking of the completed outfits has to be delayed.

I put something under the plateaus to find out how much higher the new ones have to be.

Soo frustrating cause the shoes otherwise turned out cute. One pair of sandals and one pair of peek-a-boo's.
This all happened cause I worked with plaster feet of Cissy instead of the real doll to save her feet from glue and so I didn't realized that the plateaus are not high enough for standing up straight. So the shoes need to be redone, before that I need to order more silicone for the new molds. ack ack ack!

So I kept myself, in that really spare sewing time this week, entertained with a prototyp for a CED fashion.
Something nautical:

There are still a few of the white buttons on the pants missing and this is the second version of a cowl-style halter top(prototyp stage) and I still don't like how the cowl falls. So back to the atelier for another try tonight. 

And this is a close-up of the the sailor pants. I think they will look wonderful once all the buttons are sewn on. They open and close like the 'real thing' in the front, the 'flap' (no idea how to name that correctely) is closed with snaps and can be opened and folded down for un-/dressing.

Have a great Sunday everybody, it is extremely hot over here in Germany and we spent most of the afternoon indoors with the kids, but off now to the lake to cool down a bit in the water.


Boring you to death with doll shoes..LOL..

sorry folks,
it's about doll shoes AGAIN.

CED Stilettos, bigger almost square heel,stilettos 16"scale,Cissy Stilettos
But I'm soo excited that my casting in resin works quite well this time, and that means I will get the new shoes ready this week and can proceed photographing the new outfits that would look odd without matching shoes.
The weather was dry this morning so I could start casting the heels in resin, now the first are covered with fabrics and drying..next try wil be colored resin...

Many years ago I tried my hands on CED shoes and Tyler shoes, some shoe bases turned out 'useable' some not at all, but none were nice enough to be offered along with the outfits. 

I really like it best when an outfit comes with accessories that really match, what about you?
Mhmm, maybe this would be a theme for poll!
Just outfits/seperates or complete packages with shoes/jewelry/handbag.

Soon comes some 16" design, promised, but for now I need to torture you with Cissys latest collection;-)



after the weekend..new shoes

there was not a lot of time this weekend for working on doll stuff. Each day we did trips with the kids. We just came home to have a meal and to sleep.

However I even finished ONE pair if Cissy shoes for my new Cissy denim collection
They look a bit 'plain' - but that makes them great as a basic pair of shoes to go with many looks.
Really love that yellow fabric, it's a vintage boucle like fabric from my late grandmothers fabric stash, there is some dark blue/or black? thread running with which makes it looking interesting. 
This yellow fabric says 'Chanel' jacket all the time to me, so I think I'm going to do this week a modern version of a Chanel jacket (I think of elbow length arms) plus some dark blue denim skinny jeans. I worked on several pant patterns lately and they look so much better than those Cissy pants that I used to sew years ago.
This week I want o show you the first complete outfits, I made molds for stiletto heels and another type of wedges, so keep your fingers crossed that shoe turn out nice, I dont want to photograph the dolls with bare feet!!
When done with this Cissy collection the 16"folks are next!!!!Stay tuned!



A little PREVIEW on new stuff...

...I'm working on some new stuff for Cissy: dark blue denim, topstitched in white, with yellow and dark blue/white striped accents.

Please excuse the crappy quality of the preview pics, but I havn't found a good, light flooded place for picture taking yet ...

unusual use of piping

a stylish girl needs matching accessories, 
so handbag
nice deep back
and shoes, of course

and since I finally figured out how to make plateau sandals...
I have two more pairs in the works -  yellow and striped

and some chinos..that have nice details like a front joke, working front and piped back pockets(shown on a CED here)

Hope you enjoyed the appetizers, 
waving at you Jule 


Back to life...back to dolls

Lots of remaining items from my 2006 denim collection 

Wow, almost 6 years without dolls!
But now...I'm unpacking and getting back to sewing.
Just see what I've found in one of my moving boxes that I just started to open and unpack.

Lots of pants, dresses, tops...

I haven't tried yet to sew in that itsy bitsy 16"scale, gosh I've been sewing lots of cool stuff for the kids and sometimes even for myself ... compared to doll stuff that is GIANT size. 

So my first attempts of returning to doll sewing have been some Cissy clothes. 
Sooo much fun. 
I don't care if Cissy is 'out', I have always loved Cissy, such a special doll. 
Right now I'm working with dark blue denim-white topstitching, yellow and white/dkblue striped, quite modern but with a classy twist..looks really cute!

And talking of cute, I owe you a pic of my cuties, they are the main reason for my time off:

summer 2010 Frederik and Felix

 and another one
summer 2012

I've tried to re-active my homepage (www.collectiblechic.com) and give it an update, but ack, I'm totally out of practise.LOL
I simply can't remember how the frame thing worked, and what structure the site had, while trying to update it I even accidentely deleted the site...so I just uploaded the old version and give you updates here.

Cissy pics to follow soon, stay tuned...



Hi there, this is the CollectibleChic Blog !Please stay tuned!

Fellow doll collector, welcome to my brandnew Blog!
After more than 5 years  staying away from the doll community I’m back and hope to show you some new CollectibleChic designs soon!
Hope you visit every now and then!
See you soon,