Available Now: nautical inspired outfits for CED

I'm still not done with my Cissy shoe collection to go with my new Cissy fashions, so while waiting for my mold making materials I played with my CEDs and designed them a few new fashions.
I was in a nautical mood, so the 3 tops and 3 bottoms are all a bit nautical inspired.

warning: the quality of the pics is not the best - I still haven't set up a place for photo taking, usually the boys are around just when the light is fine..neither the other way around.LOL
So please bear with me, the pics are either too dark, too light and the backgrounds are not even..makes me really cringe. Next thing isI'm still fighting with blogspot how to make the pics clickable for enlarged views..not sure yet who won

I made 2 shorts in a sailor style, love how cute they turned out with the contrasting topstitching and the tiny buttons. Those pants actually open in the front - with snaps, as those tiny buttons are just for the look of it;-)! 
Sailor styled shorts are $45ea.
The back looks all nice and even - like the 'real thing'. 

The third pant is a jeans from dark blue denim in an actual silhouette, high waisted, wide at the hips and getting smaller the more you go down the legs. The front pockets are actually working.

The 3 top are all made from the same pattern, but since the fabrics drape differently the waterfall neckline looks different on all. Just like the pants they are without back closures. You put them on with the dolls feet first in and then gently pull them over the butt upwards. The neckband closes with a snap.
Dark blue with white dots and grayish/blue available, tops are $15 ea.

Next are the handbags, all are fully lined.

The handbag above with the denim handles and the zipper is $35. It consists of 11 pattern pieces plus lining that was quite challenging.

the pic below is heavily photoshoped to remove the uneven background...but on this pic you can see best how the two big pleats form a chevron pattern out of that striped fabric. $25
Colins golden chain necklace is $10.

In a few days we leave for our annual seaside vacation, now then it gets really nautical for me. And I can suck up even more nautical ideas.

Please e-mail me at jule@collectiblechic.com if interested.

Hope you enjoyed the new fashions!

International shipping is around $4 for regular airmail, around $6 for registered airmail.
AVABILITY: The dark blue denim shorts and the red/white striped top are gone.

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