a nautical outfit for CED and Cissy shoe update

This last week was a bit frustrating.
I wasn't able to spent much time sewing, real life took over a bit, wah.

And then when I finally wanted to take pics of my Cissy outfits and put on those new Cissy shoes that took me soo much time, but they do not fit correctly, waaaah!
The plateaus of those shoes needs to be higher, Cissy falls over with those new shoes on. Instead of 3 pair of shoes for 3 new outfits I have 1 pair (the striped wedges) that I can use, so picture taking of the completed outfits has to be delayed.

I put something under the plateaus to find out how much higher the new ones have to be.

Soo frustrating cause the shoes otherwise turned out cute. One pair of sandals and one pair of peek-a-boo's.
This all happened cause I worked with plaster feet of Cissy instead of the real doll to save her feet from glue and so I didn't realized that the plateaus are not high enough for standing up straight. So the shoes need to be redone, before that I need to order more silicone for the new molds. ack ack ack!

So I kept myself, in that really spare sewing time this week, entertained with a prototyp for a CED fashion.
Something nautical:

There are still a few of the white buttons on the pants missing and this is the second version of a cowl-style halter top(prototyp stage) and I still don't like how the cowl falls. So back to the atelier for another try tonight. 

And this is a close-up of the the sailor pants. I think they will look wonderful once all the buttons are sewn on. They open and close like the 'real thing' in the front, the 'flap' (no idea how to name that correctely) is closed with snaps and can be opened and folded down for un-/dressing.

Have a great Sunday everybody, it is extremely hot over here in Germany and we spent most of the afternoon indoors with the kids, but off now to the lake to cool down a bit in the water.

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