Boring you to death with doll shoes..LOL..

sorry folks,
it's about doll shoes AGAIN.

CED Stilettos, bigger almost square heel,stilettos 16"scale,Cissy Stilettos
But I'm soo excited that my casting in resin works quite well this time, and that means I will get the new shoes ready this week and can proceed photographing the new outfits that would look odd without matching shoes.
The weather was dry this morning so I could start casting the heels in resin, now the first are covered with fabrics and drying..next try wil be colored resin...

Many years ago I tried my hands on CED shoes and Tyler shoes, some shoe bases turned out 'useable' some not at all, but none were nice enough to be offered along with the outfits. 

I really like it best when an outfit comes with accessories that really match, what about you?
Mhmm, maybe this would be a theme for poll!
Just outfits/seperates or complete packages with shoes/jewelry/handbag.

Soon comes some 16" design, promised, but for now I need to torture you with Cissys latest collection;-)



  1. What kind of resin do you like to use? Do you have to use a ventilator? I've heard that resin fumes are highly toxic. I've held back from using resin because of this.

    Karen in CT

  2. Karen, the resin is not just toxic, the hardener part of it (50:50 mixed) is carcinogen.
    Really EVIL stuff!!!
    I'm using it ONLY outdoors!
    Not sure what to do in winter, maybe using the attic of my parents house, cause it's frost-protected and HUUUGE, so the dangerous fumes can clear without harming anybody.
    Otherwise the resin is fabulous, the results are much better than those of the two kinds of resins I used some years ago. If anybody from Europe wants to know the source, just ask, for oversea folks the shipping from that German store might be inefficient.