Back to life...back to dolls

Lots of remaining items from my 2006 denim collection 

Wow, almost 6 years without dolls!
But now...I'm unpacking and getting back to sewing.
Just see what I've found in one of my moving boxes that I just started to open and unpack.

Lots of pants, dresses, tops...

I haven't tried yet to sew in that itsy bitsy 16"scale, gosh I've been sewing lots of cool stuff for the kids and sometimes even for myself ... compared to doll stuff that is GIANT size. 

So my first attempts of returning to doll sewing have been some Cissy clothes. 
Sooo much fun. 
I don't care if Cissy is 'out', I have always loved Cissy, such a special doll. 
Right now I'm working with dark blue denim-white topstitching, yellow and white/dkblue striped, quite modern but with a classy twist..looks really cute!

And talking of cute, I owe you a pic of my cuties, they are the main reason for my time off:

summer 2010 Frederik and Felix

 and another one
summer 2012

I've tried to re-active my homepage (www.collectiblechic.com) and give it an update, but ack, I'm totally out of practise.LOL
I simply can't remember how the frame thing worked, and what structure the site had, while trying to update it I even accidentely deleted the site...so I just uploaded the old version and give you updates here.

Cissy pics to follow soon, stay tuned...


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