after the weekend..new shoes

there was not a lot of time this weekend for working on doll stuff. Each day we did trips with the kids. We just came home to have a meal and to sleep.

However I even finished ONE pair if Cissy shoes for my new Cissy denim collection
They look a bit 'plain' - but that makes them great as a basic pair of shoes to go with many looks.
Really love that yellow fabric, it's a vintage boucle like fabric from my late grandmothers fabric stash, there is some dark blue/or black? thread running with which makes it looking interesting. 
This yellow fabric says 'Chanel' jacket all the time to me, so I think I'm going to do this week a modern version of a Chanel jacket (I think of elbow length arms) plus some dark blue denim skinny jeans. I worked on several pant patterns lately and they look so much better than those Cissy pants that I used to sew years ago.
This week I want o show you the first complete outfits, I made molds for stiletto heels and another type of wedges, so keep your fingers crossed that shoe turn out nice, I dont want to photograph the dolls with bare feet!!
When done with this Cissy collection the 16"folks are next!!!!Stay tuned!


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