outfits for JS male dolls and some pattern(FS) in the works

Hi folks,
no pics today, but some news!

I'm soo glad with my latest doll purchases!!
Tonner's Aragon and the Basic Alejandro (Jamieshow) moved in here just recently..and I'm totally in love with them. Especially with Alejandro!
Wow, he is such a good looking guy! He poses like a dream and it is such a fun designing for him.

In the past I never expected to become excited about a male doll, but being the mom of little boys changed my perspective.
Now I can see that male clothes can be cool and stylish too- and than men need more than just dark suits, blue shirts with ties, and some plain t-shirts plus blue jeans, nope..outfits for the males have not to be that boring like hubby closet contents!haha

Since I'm picky about the fit of clothes Alejandro does not simply wear Matts stuff, his arms are longer and smaller, his waist/hips are smaller too, he is more athletic than Matt .. therefore he got a whole new wardrobe. Now I'm just waiting for the Jamieshow stand to arrive (as much as I love the quality of the doll, I was  disappointed that he does come without stand - I didn't see that info anywhere, otherwise I would have ordered one right away with the doll, so it was almost $60just to get the stand from AngelicDreams shipped to Germany, well at least that opened the opportunity to get some more shoes for him- stuffed into the stand package).

As soon as the stand&shoes are here, it will be time for PICTURES of Alejandros new outfits!!!

When taling pictures the Cissy will demand their picture taking time too. Fashion that are the prototypes from my latest pattern.
On the MAcissy Yahoo list is right now a LittleBlack Dress contest, and since I was asked about my patterns in the past I decided to offer some patterns that could be used for LBD.
There will be 3 dress patterns as well as a cute little jacket pattern.
It takes me longer than I expected - right now I'm done with the muslin versions of the dresses, phew, one dress as well as the jacket are finished in the ' final fabric' version - two more two go and then I can show you pics and offer the pattern for sale.
working on the pleated skirt part of the dress..to let the pleats meet exactly the bodice seams

also some more length added and skirt part finished was finsihed as 'paper version'...in the upper right corner you can spy a little raw drawing of the dress

I expect the Cissy pattern FS to be ready with by Tuesday or Wednesday, stay tuned!!!!

Wishing you a wonderful Sunday,
Jule who is off now to use the time before the little one gets up from his nap to put on the Xmas decoration, First Sunday of Advent already!Time just flies!!!

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