the sewing patterns are finished>>

So today is picture taking time and turning the patterns into pdf.files!!

So glad that I finally finished the patterns, it took me much longer than expected. 
I wanted to make at least two final dresses of each pattern to show you the opportunities (as I offer variation possibiliteies for each pattern). 
With two little kids who brought us some seasonal respiratory infections from Germ Central, aka the daycare place, home, it was not that easy to sneak away for sewing. Since I was dealing with another infection from a few weeks ago the new germ kicked in and knocked me out.

The designs:
One of the dresses is quite casual - an unlined style, longsleeved with a wonderful neckline detail - to be made from stretchy fabric (jersey or fine knit fabric).
The second dress is a cocktail dress with a stylish bustier part and a 'tulip' shaped skirt part and the third dress a sheath dress with an unusual front. Dress two and three are a bit 'Mad Men' style, both require lining and a bit more sewing experience than dress one.
Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the little jacket...!!

Hope you are looking forward the pattern, I can hardly wait to show off the pics!
I will offer the pattern as well as the dresses on this blog, and even thought about opening an Etsy account - not sure if one can offer there something for sale right away or if it takes time to let them check identity of new users? Anybody knows?

Winterly greetings,
Jule in snowy Germany

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